2. Clash Music - Tickle Me Sick


  3. howlingowlrecords:

    A few months ago we received an email from Mr Great Escape Festival, saying that he was a fan of Howling Owl. He had been to the first Old Blue Last gig we put on and had thoroughly enjoyed it. “I dream of having that line up at my festival one day” he posed. We, of course, thought this was some kind of hilarious prank.

    Fast forward a few months, and here we are, hosting our own night at the Great Escape. It certainly is surreal, and we certainly can’t bloody wait.

    We will be spreading our gospel of noise all over Brighton, culminating in a Friday night takeover or Above Audio. It is an honour to be asked to do this so thank you Mr Great Escape, we will not let you down.

    In other news, last weeks Record Store Day vinyl is ALL GONE. We sold 100 records in about 14 hours. Jesus. Thanks to everyone who purchased!

    No sleep til Brighton!!!


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  4. National Record Store Day Release, featured on a 12” by Howling Owl Records alongside Oliver Wilde, The Naturals and Spectres. Sold out by the afternoon…





  8. Owwwwwls for free!


  9. The obvious fun that they’re having is infectious and the room laps it up.

  10. Today we made…